What is [Open Microphone]?

→ Open microphone is a stage opening event that anyone can jump in and participate in

Anyone can perform live just by preparing musical instruments and performances and going to the venue

It's a very popular event in Europe and America ←



Why is the open microphone 🎤 of [Sosensha] held for one coin: 500 yen?

→ I want to sing! I want to dance! I want to be able to play the instrument! I want to stand on the stage, etc.

People like music from the beginning, and I also like watching talk arts.

Then even if I practice and want to try on the stage

Not only practice is needed to stand on stage, but it costs a lot of money

It didn't stop or give up standing on the stage as a wall,

I want you to feel free to stand on the stage as many times as you want to hone your skills, so it's one coin! 



The person who plays and plays 🎵

Participation in karaoke 🎵


People who want to do rakugo, comic talk, conte also participate ✨

Of course performers ✨✨


You don't have to stand on stage just to practice


Please practice using the open microphone stage of this Sosensha!


To be able to imagine your own performance,


Let's step on stage!

No one can improve at once.

Monthly participants are welcome ✨✨✨

Participation only for tours is also welcome ✨

Date : Saturday, August 21 From 18:00 to 21:00

 (Casts accepted at 18:50)


Participation fee: 500 yen ✨ (Please prepare for each performer and visitor)


⚠ Corona virus protection ⚠

Sterilization of hands when entering

A transparent screen is installed on the stage

Wear a mask when visiting


Please feel free to contact us if you are wondering if you can participate even a little ✨✨

・OK to bring food

・Holding time: People who gather at 18:50 will decide the order by lottery and divide by the number of participants

If you are going to participate late, please contact us

Please let us know if the time of the bargain is fixed

・Rental instruments: Ukulele, acoustic guitar, digital piano

・Please use 2 microphones, 2 music stands, and 1 music stand light!